Zero - Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow

Zero - Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow

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Who says you need to feel lonely? With a Squishmallow, you’ve got a chummy companion for movie nights, bedtime tales, giggles, and so much more! Since 2017, our Squishmallows™ and Squishy Squooshems series has been delivering snuggly comfort as sofa sidekicks, sleepover buddies, and loyal travel companions.
Kellytoy has crafted an adorable army of pals from irresistibly squishy, marshmallow-esque texture and polyester. And what’s even better - they're a cinch to clean.

So, it’s high time to put squishmallows on your must-have list because this cuddly crew can't wait to join your home for fun and snuggles. So are you ready for an overload of cuddliness?

JUST THE RIGHT SQUISHINESS - Crafted from super-snuggly polyester fiber, these squishy plushies are as soft as goose feathers. They are the perfect combo of huggable and squishable - the ultimate soft and cute plush companions you'll ever come across.

IDEAL CUDDLE BUDDIES - These squishmallows are the perfect cuddle buddies whether you're chilling at home, enjoying a movie marathon, or on a long road trip or plane journey.

UNIQUE CHARACTERS - Each squishmallow boasts its own unique name and backstory. Get a character that is more relatable and customize your “Squishmallows Squad” today!

CATCH 'EM ALL - With a wide range of characters in all shapes and sizes to choose from, you won't run out of options. Keep an eye out for other squishmallows add-ons, including HugMees, Squisharoys, Mystery Squad, and Stackables by Squishmallows.

Get. Set. It’s time for a squishy fest!


●2022 TOTY People's Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year
●2019 National Parenting Product Awards Winner
●2019 Plush Toy of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine
●2019 Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner
●2019 Fun Stuff Parents' Choice Award Winner